E-Liquid Flavors

On Vape UAE Facebook Page you can explore the best vape e-liquid with unique flavors. 

  • Tobacco 

Captain Gold Creamy Tobacco Cigar Salt, Captain Gold (Salt), Joosy World, Honey tobacco, and Naked 100 serve the extreme flavor of smoking. In this vape juice, you can experience rolling and flavored tobacco, and regular cigarette flavored e-liquid. 

  • Fruit and Spice

This category of vape juice flavors has a mixed fruits combination. Dinner Lady, VAPETASIA, and Cloud Breakers have many fruit flavors. Not only that, you can explore many on our Vape UAE website. 

  • Sweet and Dessert

Are you desert lovers? Want to experience sweet vape juices? E-liquids have custard, sweet, and many more flavors. Overloaded, Loaded Cookie Butter, Jam Monster these e-liquids are only for you.

  • Iced 

Want to experience different types of vape juices? The iced version is the best pick for you. BAZOOKA, EZ Duz, TNT, and Naked 100 are the most trendy vape liquids.

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