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SALT NIC: Best Gummy Grape Salt Nic 30ml ( 30MG & 50MG) in Dubai

Saltnic Gummy Grape. YOUR BEST GRAPE FLAVORS IN THE WORLD. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. Add to Wishlist loading. Product added!

Ice Saltnic: Best Purple Panther Ice Saltnic & purple panther

  1. Purple Panther Ice Salt Nic A delicious mix of green, red and juicy dark grapes blended into a soft drink.

SALTNIC : Best Vimto Salt nic 30ML

  • Flavour profile: grape, raspberry, blackcurrant

Because we all loved a bit of Vimto growing up, so why not conjure up fun childhood memories with sweet, fruity flavoured vape that quenches that urge for sugar in a few swift drags. Perfect for cloud chasers, all V Juice e-liquids produce powerful flavours that bounce on the taste buds before blooming in the air as impressive, big, round vapour clouds.