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About Salt Nicotine E-Liquids

Salt Nicotine (or nic salt) is made with leaf tobacco so that you can feel the strong power of nicotine. Want to experience a strong and satisfying nic salts juice? Try out our new and trendy one or connect with us on our Facebook Page.

Explore Our Salt Nicotine Price Range

The most popular and fashionable salt nicotines are VGOD Saltnic Bundle (20 ml) – 395dhs, MAZAJ (30ml) – 55dhs, VEIIK (30ml) – 45 dhs, and many more. We have many types of salt nicotine e-liquids so that vapers can enjoy every puff. 

Are you searching for a nic salt pod system then try out our Refillable Pod Systems & Vape Kit Category.

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