Allo Disposable Vape Pod


Allo Disposable Vape Pod, Is a single-use vaping device that comes pre-filled with amazing flavors. No charging or re-filling and comes ready to vape out the box. No Mess No Fuss.

Allo 1500 Disposable! Even more power and puffs that will last you longer than you’ll ever need.


Allo Disposable Vape Pod

Allo Disposable Vape Pod, a flavourful single-use vape device, that comes perfectly pre-filled with amazing flavours. It’s ready to vape out the box with no charging and no refilling. Moreover, these features make no fuss and no mess. 

Allo disposable Vape pods provide 1500 flavorful puffs that are more powerful and give the best throat heat. 

However, it has a strong and durable battery with a 900mAh capacity. Its 5 mg of nicotine strength provides a standard inhalation system with the protection of short circuits. 

These amazing vape pods from Allo last longer than your Expectations.


  1. A 900 mAh powerful and long-lasting battery.
  2. 6ml of E-liquid.
  3. 5mg of nicotine strength.
  4. It comes with short-circuit protection.
  5. A standard inhalation system provides peace of mind.
  6. 1500 flavourful puffs with no mess.
  7. It doesn’t need any kind of refilling or recharging.

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