IQOS Lil Solid 2.0


Enjoy the most wanted vape product – IQOS Lil Solid 2.0. 

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IQOS Lil Solid 2.0 – The Upgraded Tobacco Heating Device

What is this IQOS Lil Solid 2.0? 

It is a South Korean device but it’s been sold under the IQOS brand. So it’s an upgraded tobacco heating device because it works on combining two different features of IQOS. That’s why the design and the feature of the Lil Solid 2.0 is a bit mixed bag. You can say it’s a younger sibling of IQOS.

However, In IQOS Lil Solid heats up the tobacco with a heater that heats it from the inside of the device. The blade of the Lil Solid 2.0 is a bit fragile because it is made of ceramic. But the heater of the device is metallic and reliable. In technology, it seems like more of an IQOS clone. The heating device from Glo heats the tobacco from along the perimeter through a paper layer. But IQOS Heating Device uses a heating blade to heat the tobacco.

It is controlled by a switch and light indicator. Also, it has a micro USB charging port. The heating chamber is removable, so you can remove it from time to time to clean the device. The body of the device feels nice to touch because it is made of plastic with a soft touching metal coating.


  1. Device material aluminum alloy. 
  2. The charging time of the device is 15 minutes. 
  3. Tobacco stick warm-up time 2.5 seconds.
  4. 2950 mAh of a strong battery. 
  5. Device color: Black, Space blue. 

Black, Blue, White


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