Yuoto Switch Disposable Vape Device 3000 Puffs 1650mAh


Yuoto Switch Disposable Vape device is made of high-quality metal materials, lightweight and portable, and durable. It is powered by a 1650mAh built-in battery, and despite its small size, it can support up to 3000 puffs.


Enjoy two different flavors in one device with YUOTO Switch Disposable Vape Device. This disposable vape kit has an extraordinary 1650 mAh built-in-battery. The durability of the battery is more than 50% higher than similar products though it’s a small device. The pre-filled 8ml of vape liquid offers 3000 extraordinary puffs. Moreover, this device features 4ml compartments of different flavors of e-liquid. YUOTO Switch Disposable Vape Device has a draw activated system. You will enjoy these flavorful and naturally pure tastes with this amazing.

  • Brand: Yuoto
  • Unit: set
  • Type: Disposable Vape
  • Net Weight: 48(g)

Yuoto Switch Disposable Vape Device Specification

  • Size: 19mm(D)*102mm(H)
  • Package size: 22mm*110mm
  • Weight: 48.00g
  • Salt Nicotine: 5%
  • Battery Capacity: 1650mah
  • E-liquid Capacity: 8.0ml
  • Puffs: ≈3000 puffs
  • Flavors: Lychee Ice, Mango Ice, Banana, Tobacco, Blueberry, Peach ice, Watermelon Ice, Coke ice, Red bull, Mint ice

Yuoto Switch Disposable Vape Device 3000 Puffs 900mAh comes with


  1. The e-liquid of this vape has a natural taste formula.
  2. 5% nicotine strength.
  3. Stylish design.
  4. Each device provides 3000 puffs.
  5. Dual flavor options in one device.
  6. Flavor change switch in the bottom.
  7. Flavor profile: Pina colada ice and pineapple ice, Strawberry watermelon ice and guava ice, Grape ice and melon ice, Blueberry ice and Lychee ice, Energy drink and coke ice, Banana ice and mango ice, Watermelon ice and peach ice, Mint ice and apple ice.
  8. Lightweight and portable
  9. The battery pack has more than 50% higher durability than similar products, reaching an amazing 3000 puffs
  10. No button, automatic smoking
  11. Natural plant and fruit extracts reduce taste
  12. More protection system(Low voltage cut off mode, Short circuit protection, Overheat protection, Over time vaping protection), all designed in the chips.

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